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Known PKCS#11 modules

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Below is a list of well known smartcards/tokens which support PKCS#11 and the suggested library filename to use. 

Please note that: Token manufacturers may change their driver filenames without notice; check with your supplier if the information listed below doesn't work. This list is not exhaustive - many more tokens are supported than are listed here. If you are using a token which isn't mentioned on the list below, please check with your token supplier as to what to enter, and get in touch to have it added to the list. 

- Cryptware SmartOS CK: smaoscki.dll

- Bit4ID: bit4opki.dll, bit4ipki.dll

- ACS ACOS5 smartcards: acospkcs11.dll For use with ACOS5 smartcards. ACOS5 smartcards unable to create data objects, and contain no mechanisms for creating secret keys (except public/private keypairs) 

- AET Rainbow iKey 3000 series and G&D StarCos 2.3 SPK cards aetpkss1.dll aka StarSign Middleware. Also installs PKCS#11 drivers aetpksse.dll (Entrust PKCS#11 lib) and aetpkssw.dll (PKCS #11 library wrapper that detects the need for automatic login on aetpkss1.dll

- Aladdin eToken PRO etpkcs11.dll

- eToken R2 etpkcs11.dll

- Algorithmic Research MiniKey sadaptor.dll 

- Aloaha Smart Card Connector aloaha_pkcs11.dll  Not fully tested, but from initial checks, this library appears badly broken - it reports tokens present when no card reader is installed.

- A-Sign A-Sign premium cards psepkcs11.dll Reputedly v1.0 of this library is incomplete and has many bugs?? 

- Athena Athena Smartcard System ASE Card asepkcs.dll 

- A-Trust a-sign asignp11.dll

- Belgian Government Belgian Electronic Identity (eID) Card Belgium Identity Card PKCS11.dll 

- Chrysalis cryst32.dll WWW site no longer exists 

- LUNA cryst201.dll WWW site no longer exists 

- Dallas Semiconductors iButton dspkcs.dll

- Eracom (hardware) cryptoki.dll Full path to library may be required, e.g: C: Program Files ERACOM Cprov SDK bin csa cryptoki.dll On 1st December2005 Eracom Technologies AG was acquired by SafeNet (software emulation) 

Estonian Government Estonian Electronic Identity (eID) Card opensc-pkcs11.dll 

- Eutron Crypto Identity sadaptor.dll

- Feitain technologys Co.,Ltd ePass 1000 EP1PK111.DLL, ePass 2000 ep2pk11.dll, ePass 2000_FT11 ngp11v211.dll, ePass 3000 ngp11v211.dll, ePass 3003 ShuttleCsp11_3003.dll

- Gemplus gclib.dll pk2priv.dll 

- GemPlus/GemSoft GemPlus/GemSoft Smartcard w32pk2ig.dll 

- GemSafe gclib.dll 

- GemSafe new version pk2priv.dll 

- IBM IBM 4758 cryptoki.dll 

- IBM Digital Signature for the Internet (DSI) for MFC cards CccSigIT.dll 

- IBM Embededded Security Subsystem csspkcs11.dll 

- IBM Netfinity PSG Chip1 ibmpkcss.dll 

- IBM SecureWay Smartcard w32pk2ig.dll cryptoki.dll ID2 id2cbox.dll Full path to library may be required, 

- Mozilla/Netscape Mozilla or Netscape crypto module softokn3.dll 

- nShield cknfast.dll 

- Nexus nxpkcs11.dll 

- OpenSC (multiple) opensc-pkcs11.dll 

- Orga Micardo micardoPKCS11.dll 

- Rainbow CryptoSwift Accelerator Cryptoki22.dl

- CryptoSwift HSM iveacryptoki.dl

- Ikey 1000 cryptoki22.dll

- USB use Datakey driver iKey 1000/1032 k1pk112.dll 

- iKey 2000 series and for DataKey cards dkck201.dll 

- iKey 2000/2032 dkck232.dll

- iKey 2032 dkck201.dll cryptoki22.dll 

- USB use Datakey driver Safelayer HSM p11card.dll 

- USB use Datakey driver Schlumberger Cryptoflex acpkcs.dll 

- Cryptoflex slbck.dll 

- Cyberflex Access slbck.dll 

- SeTec SeTokI cards SetTokI.dll Full path to library may be required, 

- Siemens HiPath SIcurity Card siecap11.dll 

- Siemens Card OS cards eTpkcs11.dll 

- SmartTrust smartp11.dll 

- Spyrus SpyPK11.dll

- Utimaco Cryptoki for SafeGuard pkcs201n.dll 

- ActivCard cards acpkcs.dll 

- ActivClient acpkcs211.dll 

- Datakey dkck201.dll 

- Entrust Datakey pkcs201n.dll 

- Datakey CIP dkck201.dll 

- Datakey/iKey dkck232.dll 

- 201 Fortezza Module fort32.dll 

- Oberthur AuthentIC AuCryptoki2-0.dll 

- SCW PKCS 3GI 3-G International 3gp11csp.dll 

- TeleSec pkcs11.dll 

The information listed above was compiled from multiple sources, including: CAcert Wiki: Pkcs11TaskForce StrongDisk Server (Russian documentation) cryptlib v3.1 testlib.c IAIKPkcs11.properties Using the IAIK JCE Provider for PKCS#11 

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